Clay Fox came to visit us!

He gave us excellent advice for various mounting options, as well as a bringing up design considerations not previously thought of. We were also given a description of proper testing facilities and procedure, as well as advice on how to set them up. Fox also forewarned us on various phenomena that can be encountered while detecting, and tips on how to deal with them.

Cornell Daily Sun wrote about our team! Check out the article!

Cornell MineSweeper

Cornell MineSweeper is a student-initiated effort to design and fabricate a low-cost, autonomous robotic vehicle to accurately detect landmines and facilitate their clearance. Our goal is to construct a robot that will become central to humanitarian demining missions. The robot will safely and efficiently perform the hazardous task of identifying the exact location of mines without risking human lives. This capability will benefit commercial, military, government and community interests across regions facing landmine infestation challenges.

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